5 Easy Phone Sales Tips

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0:00 Intro To 5 Easy Phone Sales Tips
01:03 Tip #1: Create an Environment Where You Can Focus
02:34 Tip #2: Have the Intention to Help Instead of Sell
03:57 Tip #3: Let the Prospect Talk 80% of the Time
05:35 Tip #4: Have a Backup Plan
07:28 Tip #5: Almost Have The Next Step In Mind

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Selling over the phone can feel like one of the most challenging and painful parts in sales.

You’re always facing rejection and sometimes…

And you might even ask yourself if you’re even cut out for this kind of work.

Early in my sales career, that’s how I felt too.

But just because something is hard doesn’t mean you should quit!

And as I stuck through my sales journey over the years, I realize that it becomes significantly easier once you get a few months of experience.

So in my latest YouTube video, I’ll be sharing my top 5 Easy Phone Sales Tips you can use to shortcut your success when it comes to selling over the phone.

This video will be great, especially if you feel that you’re not a natural-born seller. Not only that, but these strategies will be useful if you are cold calling prospects or taking sales meetings as an inside sales rep.

1) Create an Environment Where You Can Focus
In phone sales, it’s essential to create a sales environment where you can focus on your phone calls. Whether you’re a sales development rep, business development rep, account executive, or even account manager, this rule still applies when you’re selling over the phone. That means finding a place where you can take your phone sales meeting and making sure no other salesperson can distract you. In you are in a remote b2b sales environment, that means making sure anyone living with you can not distract you from your phone sales either.

2) Have the Intention To Help Instead of Sell
During your sales meeting or discovery call, it’s essential to have the intention to help others vs. always trying to sell. You want to first qualify your sales prospect to see if they are a good fit to buy your products and services. Once you have a clear understanding of your prospect’s pains, you can do your elevator pitch on why they should buy.

3) Let the Prospect Talk 80% of The Time
The 80/20 Rule is fundamental when it comes to b2b sales and qualifying your sales prospects. You want to start the sales meeting with sales questions that get your prospect talking. If you’re doing inside sales or remote sales, you will still ask the same questions whether you’re using web conferencing or talking on the phone.

4) Have A Backup Plan
It’s common to have sales objections anytime you go into a sales meeting. Make sure you do your research to find out what these sales objections are ahead of time.

5) Always Have The Next Step In Mind
At the end of your sales meeting, if you’ve qualified your sales prospect and you see they are a good fit to make a purchase, make sure you have clear steps in your sales process to get them to buy.

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