7 Phone Sales Mistakes Most Salespeople Make on How To Sell On The Phone

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00:00 Phone Sales Mistakes Most Salespeople
00:27 Not Researching Prospects Ahead of Time
03:02 Spending Too Much Time “Building Rapport”
04:42 Not Setting Clear Expectations For The Call
07:03 Pitching Instead of Conversing
08:21 Focusing Too Much on Features
11:48 Selling Yourself Short
13:23 Not Prepared For Common Objections

Get an inside look at the seven phone sales mistakes most salespeople make and what to do to make sure you don’t make these mistakes yourself.

Not Researching Prospects Ahead of Time
This a big phone sales mistake because you must get a general understanding of your prospect before picking up the phone. When doing any type of sales prospecting or lead generation, do your research by searching the company and decision-makers on Google and LinkedIn.

Spending Too Much Time “”Building Rapport””
When selling over the phone, there’s no need to spend too much time on small talk. Dive straight into the reasons for why you’re calling and respect the prospect’s time. By doing this, you’ll save time and increase your odds of closing more sales.

Not Setting Clear Expectations For The Call
A phone sales tip to remember is to start off the call by setting the appropriate expectations. Make sure you tell your prospects over the phone what they can expect on the phone call.

Pitching Instead of Conversing
Although you technically are in a phone sale call, you do not want to be pitching. Instead, have a sales conversation to learn more about your prospects’ needs to see if they would be a goof to buy your product or service. If you find they are a good fit, closing the deal over the phone will feel natural.

Not Prepared For Common Objections
Overtime you’re going to get many sales objections and reasons for why people don’t buy. you’re going to see patterns, and people may not be closing for the same reasons. It’s up to you to write all these objections down so you can prepare for them. A lot of people forget to do this, and they just wing it or feel it out. But suppose you know what the common objections are, write them down and come up with the best response. In that case, you can ahead of time, so when you come across the objection in the wild, it will be easy for you to overcome.

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