Clients Say, “Let Me Think About It.” And You Say, “…” | Objection Handling For Sales

Learn how to handle the sales objection when clients say, “Let me think about it.”
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How many times have you found yourself in a sales meeting where everything seems to be going well…

But at the end of the call, instead of buying, the client says, “Let me think about it.”

And days go by…

Months go by…

You never hear from them again.

So to solve these challenges, we’ll have first change the way you look at sales objections.

Because when you think about, sales objections are an opportunity for you to gather more information and help the prospect make a buying decision.

The first thing we’re cover is understanding why you’re getting the objection in the first place.

At this point, most salespeople will get angry for frustrated because they’re too focused on closing.

But a more productive way to view this is using this as an opportunity to qualify whether or not someone should be buying your products or services.

The truth is, there could be many reasons why someone doesn’t buy right away.

Don’t fight these reasons, but instead practice empathy and see whether or not you can help the client remove these obstacles.

The primary strategy here is to build trust with your prospects for them to be comfortable telling you the truth.

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