Free Keyword Research Course for 2022


Keyword Research for SEO, Tools, & Google Ads

Video Chapters:

0:00:49 – Keyword Research Tutorial for 2022
0:33:53 – Complete Your SEO Keyword Research List
0:49:47 – 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools
1:10:20 – Google Ads Keyword Research
1:34:41 – Google Keyword Planner Tutorial
2:06:43 – YouTube Keyword Research
2:22:14 – Free Competitor Keyword Research Tutorial
2:49:36 – 7 Unique Keyword Research Tips

Getting a list of the most popular keywords to use in your site’s SEO is crucial to its success. Choosing the right keywords is essential, as they will draw potential customers, while the wrong ones will turn away visitors. This initial list will help you prioritize the most popular terms and create a focused strategy.

It is also helpful to look at competitors’ websites. If you want to get more traffic, try to find out what they are writing about. This way, you can find a better keyword and make it work for your own site. Moreover, you’ll be able to learn more about your competitors’ content strategies. You can even learn from them to develop a more targeted keyword strategy. The best SEO experts agree that the most difficult part of the process is determining which keywords to use.

In addition to deciding on the most relevant keywords, it is also necessary to analyze the competition. By examining competitors’ keywords, you can select the best-performing ones and avoid over-spending on irrelevant ones. The process of keyword research is multi-stage and can include back and forth between different steps. The steps vary from one person to another, but it’s important to keep organization and structure in place to ensure that your site gets the most traffic.

Before you decide on keywords, you must determine what keywords will best suit your niche. Having a broad idea of your topic will help you narrow down your list. Remember that you need to know your niche in order to pick the right keywords. While a fat head keyword may have a high competition, a long-tail keyword may represent a large percentage of organic traffic. Using a research tool such as KWFinder will allow you to see which keywords are more relevant and which ones are over-saturated.

The next step in the keyword research process is to gather keywords from competitors. A bike shop in Harrisburg might use location-based keywords like “bike shops in Harrisburg.” The most effective way to find related keywords is to look for these phrases in your competitors’ keyword lists. These long-tail keywords can be a major part of your SEO strategy. However, they must be chosen wisely, as they will be relevant to your niche.

If you’re using a keyword tool to conduct keyword research, make sure to use it consistently. It is important to remember that keyword research is an ongoing process, and it’s always best to do it once. Ideally, you should use it on a daily basis. If you’re not sure, you’ll end up creating a lot of useless content that your audience won’t want to read. But it’s worth it, especially when you use the right tool!

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