How To Close Sales Over The Phone – 3 Phone Sales Techniques To Sell On The Phone & Close Deals

Learn how to close sales over the phone using my top 3 phone sales techniques.
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0:00 My Past Experience in Closing Sales Over the Phone
1:52 Tip 1: Tonality
6:23 Tip 2: Ask Questions
8:20 Tip 3: Closing Techniques
12:00 Recap

One of the most challenging parts of being in sales is closing over the phone.

Sometimes you might not know what to say to move a deal forward or get to the next step in the sales cycle.

Not only that, but phone sales requires a much different sales skillset compared to talking to someone over email or even in person.

I remember my very first sales call… I was nervous and didn’t know what to say, and the prospect hung up on me and told me never to call back again.

But with practice and persistence, I became significantly better and effective with closing over the phone.

So in this video, I’ll be sharing my top 3 tips to closing sales over the phone.

1) Tonality: How the sound of your voice is one of the most essential factors in phone sales and closing over the phone.

2) Ask Questions: How to use the 80/20 rule to make sure you’re only speaking 20% and asking insightful questions, while the prospect talks 80% of the time about their pains.

3) Closing Techniques: We’ll be going over the top closing techniques I use to close sales over the phone.

By the end of this video, you’ll learn how to sell practically anything over the phone.

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