How To Do Local SEO For You & Your Clients



Local SEO not only targets users within a local area, it also helps you target people who are thinking of buying right now, dramatically improving your conversation rate.

Google supports users searching with local intent by providing a variety of SERP features, or snippets, on the first page.

To optimize any website for local SEO, you first need to claim the Google Business Profile and ensure that all details are up to date.

You also need to do keyword research surrounding local SEO. There are four categories of local search intent and you’ll need to ensure that you’re optimizing for all four.

When it comes to ranking for Local SEO, Google is becoming better at detecting whether the contents of a page accurately reflects local needs and interests so on-page optimization is vital.

You can also spread your local contact details throughout directories. But make sure to monitor the information so it’s always up to date.

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