How To Run A Discovery Call – Strategy Session

Learn step-by-step how to run a discovery call or strategy session and turn total strangers into paying customers.
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0:00 Intro To Running a Discovery Call & Strategy Session
02:40 Rapport
04:11 Agenda
04:55 Pain
06:33 Budget
07:03 Authority
07:44 Time
08:55 Close

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Do you remember when you were a kid in elementary school and had to do these little science projects?

You came up with a hypothesis, experimented, and even wrote your theories on what happened.

Well, like those fun science projects, I believe sales is the same.

You see, when you become more experienced in sales, you’ll realize most people behave and react in similar ways.

For example, when you say X, you can expect people to respond with Y confidently.

Now, when it comes to running your sales meetings, discovery calls, strategy sessions, or whatever you choose to call it, we can apply the same methodology.

When you know what to say and do in your sales meeting, you can consistently get people to take the same action…

Which is to buy your products and services!

The first step of the discovery call where you’re qualifying your prospect to see if they are a good fit to buy your products and services is to build rapport. This is where you build a connection with your prospect to get them to trust you that helps them share important information about their business later on in the call.,

Next we have the agenda where you’re going to set the right expectations on what both parties can expect on the discovery call. Make sure to talk about what outcomes you hope to achieve when the call is over

After the agenda, you’ll be diving into the prospects pain to understand what problems or challenges they have and how you might be able to solve them.

In your sales meeting, it’s important to get a sense of how much budget the prospect has set aside for purchasing your products and services.

Ask if there are any other decision-makers the prospect needs to bring into the deal before the deal is done. It’s critical to understand who these decision-makers are, how the decision-making process happens within a company, and a clear plan to build a relationship with each person.

Uncover when the prospect expects to get a deal done.

The final step of the discovery call is to pitch your product or service and close the deal. This can be a demo or presentation or simply talking about your offer over the phone.

Patrick Dang is an international sales trainer who started his career at Oracle in Silicon Valley and quickly became on the top performers in North America in just one year.

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