How to Run Ads on Instagram – Complete Instagram Ads Tutorial

Run Instagram Ads using Facebook. Don’t use the promote button on Instagram to run ads. That option is very limited and you’ll get better results on Facebook.

Facebook owns Instagram and they share the same ad platform.

The Instagram and Facebook ad platform is broken up into 3 parts. The campaign, Ad Set, and Ads.

To run Instagram ads, you should set up a Facebook Business Manager account.
You can sign up for one here:

If you want to create an effective video ad for Instagram, watch the how-to create Instagram ads video:

You can run Instagram ads without this with a personal ad account, but this will help you expand in the future and keep things much more organized.

Once you create a Facebook business manager and fill out your information, you can go to your ad account and create a campaign.
Choose a campaign goal based on your intent. You can choose reach or brand awareness if you are just trying to get eyeballs on your post.

Consideration campaigns are best for sending people to a website, to get video views, or simply as a lead generation tool.

Conversation campaigns really track the end results from your Instagram ads and are best for tracking sales.

Once you create your campaign, you’ll select ad sets. This is your targeting on who will see your ads. You can choose by location, age, gender, interest, activity and the countless number of settings to laser focus your targeting.
You can also set your budget and duration of your Instagram ad, here.

The final step is creating your actual ad. This is the ad creative from the title, to the description to photo or video that you’ll use in your ad.

During the entire setup process, look at your potential reach. This is the total number of people your Instagram ad can reach based on many factors through the setup process. You want this to not be too specific and not too broad.

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