Local SEO Step By Step Guide 2021

Complete Local SEO Guide For 2021 Step By Step Tutorial on Local Search Engine Optimization For Your Local Business Website.

I wanted to not only give you step by step instruction on how to perform optimizations to your website. I also wanted to give you some answers to your most prominent questions regarding your local rankings and how to get more traffic and higher rankings.

This video will cover a lot of the fundamentals with regards to local optimizations I will cover everything from research of keywords for locality. I will also include schema markup what tools to utilize along with what to look at and what not to look at when trying to compete for keywords. I’ll also get into tools for keyword research and just SEO tools to make your local search engine optimization a lot easier.

If you have any future questions related to local search engine optimization or any other questions please feel free to go ahead and ask below where I’m always happy to help small and medium business owners succeed online.

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