Sales Objections – Your Price Is Too High

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00:00 Intro to Sales Objections
00:49 Objection Handling Strategy
01:49 Sales Role Play “Your Price Is Too High”
06:01 Sales Objection Script Explanation

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Intro to Sales Objections
If you were in a sales meeting and your potential client says, “Your price is too high?” what would be your initial response. Most people will automatically lower their price just to close the deal. But what if there was a way to close the deal without lowering your price? So in this video, we’re going to cover the exact process on how to handle the sales objection, “your price is too high.” You’re going to get the strategies and tactics to overcome this common sales objection, and we’re going go through a live sales role play so you can see these techniques in action.

Objection Handling Strategy – Your Price Is Too High
One of the main reasons people may have the sales objection “your price is too high” is that your product or service’s perceived value or service does not match the price you are charging from the clients’ perspective. Value is relative, so you’ll have to reposition your offer in a way that has makes it feel like what you deliver is a higher value than the price you’re asking.

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